We’re The Plantium



Our Roots

It’s time to do a planting design. Eyes roll. There’s a lot of sighing. It is not pretty.

The Plantium was founded by landscape architects all too familiar with that scenario; all too familiar with planting selection done “the old way.” The way where you search dozens of books (more recently dozens of websites) and build the same spreadsheets of the same plants for different projects.
As a nine-year-old, boutique landscape architecture company we were constantly looking to save time and money on everything we did, and do it better than our competition! The Plantium began as a small database of ornamental plants that would elevate the plant selection process of our own firm. However, the idea of improving plant selection using modern technology was too amazing to keep to ourselves, and so The Plantium, a web-based software designed to help landscape professionals find, organize, and evaluate plants was born!
A year into The Plantium adventure we continue to have a thriving landscape architecture company and other landscape professionals are now flocking to the app to help them save tons of time and money on their planting projects!

Our Mission

Changing the Way The World Sees Plants

The Plantium aims to change the way the world sees plants. Whether this means changing a designers view of plant selection from chore to delight, or changing a client’s view of what xeriscape really means (it’s not just rocks?!). The more information you have access to, the more informed your decisions can be. Whether student, young or tenured professional, architect, designer, or contractor The Plantium is sure to change the way YOU see plants!

We Love Plants!

We are proud to be called plant nerds.

A horticulture expert once told us, ‘You can only learn about plants by getting dirty.’ And man, are we dirty. Some of us are even proud to be called plant nerds. And while it may be a detriment to our social lives that some of us can’t have a conversation unless it’s about gardening, it makes us highly qualified to bring you a database of plant information! But you don’t just have to take our word for it. We also enlist the other plant nerds of the world to help collect and vet our plant information. And that includes you! If you see something in The Plantium that doesn’t seem quite right to you, send us your feedback.