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Make plant selection a no-brainer, in school and after you graduate.

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Find great plants and make great plant lists. Fast.

  • Use the Plantium to make better plant choices, faster. In your studio projects, your plant ID classes, your internships, and wherever your career takes you.
  • Ditch the binders and keep track of your favorite plants from plant ID class on-line, accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • You learn a lot in school that is important to remember in practice, but sometimes planting design knowledge is so regional it is hard to translate. When this happens, The Plantium will save your damn day.

Evaluate plant designs alone or as a team.

  • Whether working in a team or alone, you can organize your planting design projects and lists however you wish.
  • Double check your water use, color palette, seasonal interest, and more using The Plantium’s automatically generated graphs. Edit the plant lists right from the interactive graphs to make sure you are achieving your design and environmental goals.
  • Export your project, lists, and graphs to submit to professors or other members of the project team.

Take it with you when you leave.

  • Have a great list you want to use in the future? Create lists of favorite plants to use later, or copy plants from list to list.
  • Take advantage of our graduation specials and take the knowledge you’ve amassed in school to your new company. Talk about marketable skills!

Leading university landscape programs choose The Plantium.