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Give plant selection the attention it deserves.

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Find great plants and make great plant lists. Fast.

  • Overcome a mountain of nursery catalogues, websites, books, and plant lists from old projects, and make better plant choices faster with The Plantium.
  • Creating an award winning planting design with four season interest? Does the local municipality require low water use? Maybe an owner requires plants that aren’t poisonous to dogs. No problem. With The Plantium, search for all of that and more to quickly identify the perfect plant for any project.
  • Combine filtered searching with amazing plant photography and The Plantium will be the first, last and only plant resource needed to finally give planting design the attention it deserves, and have fun doing it!

Intuitive on-line software means quick integration.

  • The Plantium is cloud based database and our flexible approach to making projects and lists means it fits quickly and easily into your existing planting design process.
  • Build an unlimited number of projects and lists to organize and export your plant information, accomplishing the same plant design in HALF THE TIME!
  • Use technology to store the vast plant knowledge of your company in one place. Easily accessible by everyone in the firm.

Effectively evaluate and then communicate plant lists to everyone.

  • Circle back on your original design criteria such as four season design, water use, or toxicity and use the one-click plant list evaluation graphs to interactively adjust your plant selections.
  • Export the graphs and quickly and confidently assure clients of your plant choices.
  • Use The Plantium’s find similar plant function to expand your plant selections and replace problem plants in your lists.

Leading landscape architects and designers choose The Plantium.