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It was an amazing planting season! Here at The Plantium we saw our subscribers DOUBLE and our current users talkin’ us up! They are saving hundreds of dollars on their designs and making better plant choices faster with The Plantium.

Our crack development team has been hard at work improving the software and it SHOWS! There are a ton of new updates, some you’ll see and some you’ll just feel, deep in your soul, because planting design is about to get WAY more fun!

We improved the load time of our database of over 6,000 plants. Talk about better plant choices, faster! We have been adding thousands of high quality plant imagery from multiple sources. We are especially proud of our own Plantium photographer, a strapping young lad named Steve Woody who is a USU landscape architecture student and Plantium intern. When you see The Plantium logo and watermark you can thank him for the beautiful picture AND you can download it for your own use – that all comes with your subscription price.

We have streamlined our user interface to making building your plant lists even faster. Availability listings have been added so you can see if the plant you are searching for might be available in your area. We are in the process of redesigning your charts, graphs and exports to make communicating with your clients and evaluating your designs way cooler!

Most importantly we have squashed a number of bugs that were pestering us all and we have added LIVE CHAT both to our home page and to the application. So if you are bored and lonely and just want to say hi OR you have a question about the software (or a bug to report) just click on that cute little llama and we’ll be here.

What’s with the llama, you ask? Ask the development team….



Plant availability

Filter plants by nursery availability.

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