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  • This just saves a lot of headaches. It replaces multiple sources that I used that still had inadequate information. Without the Plantium this work took me 3-4 times longer.
    ArielLandscape Architect
  • The analysis tools are amazing. I can easily show all the graphs to my clients and they love them. They can easily understand the aesthetic and environmental decisions we are making with their plants. Invaluable.
    GylesLandscape Architect
  • The Plantium is the perfect companion for the Green industry. In a world where we need information at our fingertips, the Plantium supplies the knowledge, organization, and imagery to take designs to the next level. Early adopters will find themselves head and shoulders above the competition. We can now collaborate with our teams on projects better than ever before.
    Cameron AllcottProgressive Plants
  • God himself descended from heaven and gave us Plantium! The amount of time saved in preparing plant lists alone pays for the subscription. As a bonus, we get introduced to new, regional plants, supplied with graphic charts displaying bloom time, and the ability to export plant imagery. Even more, Plantium acts a team member offering design solutions to planting plans. This is a must have for landscape architects.
    Chase AndersonChase Anderson Design
  • Once LA's realize how much time they can save with your product I think they will lose their minds (and buy it in droves)!
    Laura BandaraVODA | Landscape and Planning
  • The Plantium enabled me to quickly select plants that I liked from plants that would work.
    Reid HaugheyThe Wilderness Land Trust

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